“I was struggling in so many aspects of my professional life before working with Elisabeth.

When I first talked to her, I immediately knew she was the one that could help me. I felt attracted to work with her as to me she represents a strong woman who managed to free herself from the obligations and expectations of others. I also saw a lot of similarities we have in common: she is a woman, who has two children and used to work as a consultant as well.

Elisabeth has this ability to awaken the energy within you. She remembers you of the wings you have and that allow you to fly again. But most surprisingly to awaken faculties within you that you did not imagine you have. I am definitely another woman since I met Elisabeth. Elisabeth changed my life and made me stronger. 

When I have a coaching session with Elisabeth, I feel listened to and understood. I realize how powerful I am and always feel more energized. She is a great listener, she observes, she challenges, she asks questions to get deeper understanding but also to make you realize aspects of yourself you could not imagine you have in you. 

I simply took THE big step of changing my life! I took obvious decisions I wasn’t able AT ALL to take on my own before, I realized many aspects of myself I could not see before, I realized how strong and powerful I was. She helped me overcome some of my biggest fears. I am definitely another person today. Every session made me stronger. I basically took decisions I would have never been able to take before meeting her. 

It is so healthy for me to speak to her on a regular basis. She brings me so much energy. Be careful you can easily get addicted.

I already recommended her to my friends, and I will continue to do so. She is a fantastic coach.