“I met Elisabeth at a time where I was in need for support in gaining perspective on how to take the necessary actions to improve my career satisfaction and to crystallise my life plans into something more exciting and tangible. I recall our introductory discussion clearly, and she immediately created the environment where I could open up with comfort and confidence, allowing me to share more on what was lacking for me and how I wanted to improve things. It was her calmness in approach, display of genuine care, consistent positive attitude and ability to provide more clarity when looking forward, which made me decide to work with her.

I opted for the 12 week ‘Leading from Within’ programme which provided structure and regularity, and covered a broad range of topics from responsibility (my favourite) to self worth, all very relevant when considering your life in the broadest terms. I have worked with other coaches in the past but through Elisabeth I obtained more clarity on my drivers and values, was able to set meaningful goals (and have achieved some of them already), and most importantly was able to craft a vision of my future that still makes me feel highly energised!

I am a huge fan of coaching and of the impact it can have on you, and would not hesitate to recommend Elisabeth as a great coaching partner, but remember: she will provide you with all the structure and support you need, but ultimately you need to be open and willing to do the work to craft the better life you envisage for yourself”

Friedrich (Head Organisational Change)